Yucan is a new cross-platform UI engine in development.

Handmade Seattle 2022 Demo

There is a serious lack of tools for high quality desktop UI development. Qt, GTK or Electron can all be too complex, too big, too restrictive, or otherwise not the right choice. Others may not provide critical features. You often find yourself with few viable alternatives.

Built from the ground up, this engine aims to assist with the full spectrum of UI development, from small tools to the more substantial scale of DAWs, video editing, graphics and CAD programs.

The goal: Not to be a mere widget toolkit. Instead, to reduce unnecessary constraints and set programmers up with the right tools to be able to actually program what is needed.

Features so far

  • High quality unicode text rendering and editing with BiDi support
  • Both parametric and programmable/scriptable responsive layouting
  • Flex and Grid layout
  • Fully scalable (+ high-DPI display support)
  • "Immediate Mode" API, without being a pure IMGUI
  • Library of standard widgets to get started with and build off of
  • GPU rendering
  • CPU drawing made easy
  • Images
  • Accessibility/screen reader support (Microsoft UI Automation currently implemented)
  • Not object oriented
  • High efficiency, low complexity
  • Handmade and carefully crafted



If you're experienced with 2D graphics (GPU/software rendering) or general UI programming and are interested in collaborating, join the Discord server or send me an email.